Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Shifa

House Orphanage and new converts, Shifa 'is a private orphanage care and management of orphans and new converts. They present the results from the efforts of the Chairman 'Welfare Association Teratak Shifa' Kuala Lumpur / Selangor "as the founder of this house of Thom @ Hjh Che Tom Ujang Binti Hj. All expenses are from the beginning of the establishment of his own money.

"Welfare Association Teratak Shifa 'Kuala Lumpur / Selangor (PRACTICE)" overshadowing the House Orphanage and new converts, Shifa' was approved registration as an organization by the Registry of Societies (ROS) Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur on February 7, 2006 by

No. Registration-WKL 0045-06

Address :
No. 5, Lorong Bunga Cina, Taman P. Ramlee, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel       : 017-3387959
Fax     : 03-40234818

Email  : 

Conditions for recruitment of children to the Orphanage Shifa
Conditions for recruitment of children into the house are as follows:
  1. Malaysian citizens who are Muslims 
  2. Orphans females only. The death certificate of father / mother should be presented. 
  3. Between the ages of 7 years to 17 years (still studying). 
  4. Interested in and excel in their studies. 
  5. There is no record of misconduct and are willing to abide by house rules Orphan Shifa 'and the new converts. 
  6. Letters written submission to the orphans of the legal guardian. 
  7. weak 
  8. Abuse cases (referral from the hospital / police)
Donations to the orphanage needed Shifa

Source of income after the establishment of this house depends on public donations and the general welfare in the form of financial, goods or sponsorship.

The aim House Children Orphans Shifa

The aim House Children Orphans Shifa is to safeguard the orphans of the poor not to be idle and can enjoy a better quality of life. It may be preventing them from living death, and not influenced by the social which can cause problems for the country.

This house will ensure that the orphans will be getting a proper education so that they become useful citizens of the religion, race and nation. The home management is determined not to disappoint the donors that support and provide financial resources to the House to ensure that these children are here trying to
advance in all areas.

We hope that our intention is that this noble sincere support from the public. Our expectations may Allah Almighty always opens the door satisfied beings who are lucky enough that if what is willing to offer help to this house on an ongoing basis in order to safeguard others who are less fortunate. Hopefully, the contributions they receive the blessings and rewards from Allah SWT. Insha Allah.

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